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The biggest question we always hear is does Now Slim REALLY work?

We're not expecting you to take our word for it so we'd rather you read some feedback from Now Slim customers than have you listen to us telling you it simply works incredibly well.

Now Slim receives feedback on a daily basis, click here to read customer feedback, see videos and read letters from Now Slim customers!


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NEW Now Slim 21 Day 4G formula

New Now Slim 4G contains Satiereal, which is clinically proven to help with weight loss. Now Slim 4G now also comes with full money back Guarantee!* Now Slim 4G is 100% natural and helps to release Serotonin in the body, this is the natural chemical that your body creates and sends to your brain when you eat those satisfying and sweet foods like cake, biscuits and comfort foods. Meaning you can dramatically cut your calorie intake and reduce your portion sizes.

Our price: £19.98
NEW Now Slim 7 Day Detox

New Now Slim Detox helps you detox your body before taking Now Slim 4G for day use tablets to maximise your weight loss.

Our price: £14.99
Now Slim 4G Trial pack
Now Slim 4G trial pack, includes a 3 Day trial pack of Now Slim Super Strength 4G capsules, instructions, brochure and vouchers for your next purchases.

Our price: £3.91
Now Slim Power Plus Vibration Plate
This Now Slim Power Plus Vibration plate. State of the art 1000 watt machines. Available only from Now Slim, you can not buy these machines officially from anywhere else, beware of cheap immitations.

Our price: £599.99
Now Slim 40 Day and 40 Night supply bundle with Hunger strip
Promotional bundle, buy Now Slim Day 160 capsule (40 day) along side Now Slim Night 80 capsule (40 nights) and a packet of Now Slim hunger strips for the ultimate pack to help your weight loss goals.

RRP:: £67.97 save 12%
Our price: £59.98
Now Slim 40 day 160 capsules Limited Special Offer
Now Slim Day Use 3G capsules are 100% natural and suitable for vegetarians.

RRP:: £40.82 save 27%
Our price: £29.98
Now Slim Night 80 Capsules
Now Slim for Night use capsules. When used in conjunction with Now Slim for day capsules, contributes to providing all-round performance and successful dietary supplementation which will keep working even while you sleep.

Our price: £24.98
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